Facts About Concealed Weapons Holsters

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Several types of holsters are available, and some essential facts to consider before making a purchase. These include types of holsters, retention devices, and types of firearms. 

Retention Devices on Holsters

A retention device on a concealed weapons holster can prevent your gun from falling out of the holster, which can cause a loss or theft. This is particularly dangerous if you’re carrying your gun in an open position. Many police and military officers use holsters with retention devices. There are two main types of retention devices: passive and active. Passive retention works through friction and gravity to hold the gun in place. The user actuates active retention by pushing a button. Active retention holsters feature a lock at the trigger guard that unlocks when you push the button. Other holsters have a leather strap behind the gun that snaps back onto the body of the holster.

Types Of Holsters

There are several types of concealed weapons holsters, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Most are made of leather, while some are made of synthetic or Kydex materials. Leather is often the most comfortable material for holsters, as it is durable and comfortable. Other materials used in the construction of holsters include nylon, ballistic nylon, and molded plastic. An outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster is worn outside the waistband and is secured by a spring or clip mechanism. While these holsters can provide some concealment, they are not as effective as belt holsters and can be difficult to remove. They are also less comfortable for long periods.

Ankle Holsters Offer Excellent Concealment.

Ankle holsters are designed for concealment, making them an excellent option for those who need to conceal their pistol at all times. Because they are typically worn on the weak side of the body, they will not be seen while walking or standing. However, you must avoid wearing boots or short pants, revealing your concealed firearm. Ankle holsters are available in many different materials. Some of them are made from nylon, which is less expensive than leather. However, this material is not as durable and may slip over time. Therefore, choosing a holster made of neoprene or Velcro is important.

Concealed Weapons Holsters

Pancake Holsters 

Pancake holsters allow you to pull your gun against your body while wearing lighter clothing. They can be made of leather or nylon and are available from many top brands. They are excellent for discreet concealed carry and are very comfortable. They also allow for quicker reholstering, making them a popular choice. Pancake holsters allow you to carry your gun comfortably while allowing you to draw it quickly and accurately. They also feature a wide body band to hold the gun tightly against the body. The pancake style is not suitable for long-distance travel. It is recommended for concealed carry and may not be suitable for all people.

Pancake holsters are available for both revolvers and pistols. You should always look for a model that is customized for the firearm you intend to carry. Pancake holsters have a wide selection of models ranging from budget-friendly to premium made-to-order styles.

Small-Of-The-Back Holsters 

Small-of-the-back holsters are generally designed to carry the gun at an angle close to the hip, thus creating a tight hold. The draw is somewhat slower when carried in this position than with a hip holster, but this can be avoided with some positional adjustments. It is also essential to choose a holster with adequate retention. The disadvantages of small-of-the-back carry include the inconvenient draw and the risk of injury. Although the gun is not in danger of jamming into your back, it can still result in serious injury if you are not careful.